2 Hour Webinar Playback

with an Emirates HR Recruiter Specialist

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Course Objective

You'll be able to confidently face challenging group exercises:

  • What type of Body Language you need to have to Pass

  • How to improve your Performance during Group Exercises

  • The ABSOLUTELY TO AVOID behaviors during an Interview

Bonus material

within our Webinar Playback

  • Presentation

    You'll have full access to our HR Recruiter's presentation used throughout the Webinar.

  • Practice Sessions

    Active engagement between Webinar Attendees and HR Recruiter, with Assessment Day Question Simulations.

  • Classified Content

    Information that HR Recruiters never share with applicants at Open Days or Invitation Only events.

Student Experience

  • Playback Speed

    You can change the video playback speed to 1.25x | 1.5x | 1,75x | 2x or slow it down if you need to by 0.25x | 0.5x | 0.75x. Make understanding easier!

  • Discussion Area

    Engage & communicate with other students. Ask questions and interact with others! Make friends and connect with other Cabin Crew aspirants as you study by using the Discussion Tab on the upper right.

  • Secret Strategies

    When you're asked a question by the Recruiter, you believe you're being evaluated for the answer you give. In reality, the Recruiter is looking out for at least 5 other skills & qualities.

Social proof: testimonials

I owe my thanks to Wishcasting if I got the job in the Emirates Airline

by Emanuele Lizzi

"I mainly owe my thanks to the Wishcasting team if I got the job in the Emirates Airline. The attention to details their video tutorials is unparalleled. I couldn’t find anything that gave me that level of information on the company and its recruitment process. Orlando, with his five years of experience as Cabin Crew, is helping everyone striving to get the job. He built an ecosystem of resources that no one did before: the Youtube channel perfectly blends with the Facebook group "Emirates Wannabees", where people share their experiences of several open days across the globe. But WishCasting isn't just this, it has a travel guide section where to find a plethora of tips and information for various destinations. I specifically watched the Dubai travel guides to get to know the must visit places in the city. All of this wouldn’t have been so effective, if it hadn't been for Orlando’s charisma and humour!"

Orlando is an available person that helps you in whatever you need

by Anna Maria Dammiani

"Really nice group with many activities ( mentoring , Telegram group and YouTube videos) where people can receive all the help they need from experienced Emirates Cabin Crew or from Orlando , which is an available person that helps you in whatever you need . Even correcting and drafting emails to Emirates 🤣.. I highly suggest joining this group and being active, as you can learn many things: How to be successful and more. You also meet really interesting people :)"

I’ll be grateful forever and ever for this

by Viviane Carvalho

" When I started my research for passing the Emirates interview, the first thing I came across on YouTube was the WishCasting Emirates MasterClass. I watched every single video of the MasterClass. Orlando even helped me by giving me advice on the pictures needed to hand over to the Emirates HR before joining. He made such a difference for me because his advice kept me confident. That’s the key, you gotta believe in yourself, believe that you can do it!

Never seen such friendly staff

by Sayuru Dehigaspitiya

Can't simply say this is the best page. THIS IS THE BESTEST page. YouTube or Facebook group or Page on Facebook and Instagram or whatever WishCasting is the best. As everyone else they are also so busy but whenever you ask a question they replies to it as soon as possible. Whenever I have a question on my head regarding Cabin Crew, the first thing pops up into my mind is "WishCasting". Never seen such friendly staff. All the best! Lots of love from Sri Lanka ❤

All the work that David has done is incredible. Both the videos from his youtube channel, and this facebook page, are amazing.

by Francesco Ricigliano

All the work that David has done is incredible. Both the videos from his youtube channel, and this facebook page, are amazing. I have attended an open day from Emirates, and with all the things that i have learned from his work, i was very confident and i knew what i had to do. He is an amazing guy who puts all his passion and patience to answer to every single question.

Very resourceful information given by adminBy

by Monica Tefe Dumuje

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere. On time and helpful replies. Very resourceful information given by admin

The best forum for wannabees FA on web....the most complete and helpful ever

by Alessio De Rosa

The best forum for wannabees FA on web....the most complete and helpful ever. ...brilliant idea 👍well done for all the work you are doing. .....from travel to music....advices. ....video. ...chat....keep going guys. .....hope to pass to can help the others just like you. 👍

Very friendly guy and most helpful! He'll get back to you ASAP

by Vaenos Lee

Very friendly guy and most helpful! He'll get back to you ASAP. One of the best you'll find

I feel like the tips, hints and real life examples given by David were key in order for me to achieve great results, since I made it through the OD and AD.

by Vinícius Arpi Camargo

Watching WishCasting videos on YouTube has made me pave my way to the Final Interview with Emirates. I feel like the tips, hints and real life examples given by David were key in order for me to achieve great results, since I made it through the OD and AD. Although I'm only having my Final Interview next week, David has provided me with handful and sourceful information and I think I'll be just fine. I totally recommend subscribing to his channel! it's more than worth it, it's hands down one of the best Emirates mentoring-oriented channels on the internet and it's for free. C'mon, I mean where do you get to find such precious tips for free? Hats off to David Armstrong and his team.

He's always available to help and respond to our questions, can't thank him enough

by Souka HamDi

Best community (group/page/YT channel) ever, thanks to david and his generous help, he's always available to help and respond to our questions, can't thank him enough

Do our Online Services make a Difference?

Webinars Reviews

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Radek Nemec

This webinar is extremely helpful for people who don't know what to expect from the assessment day or for people who failed some of the activity. There is no other way how to get in touch with Emirates recruiter so I definitely recommend to participate! Even if I made it to the Final interview (at Emirates and also at Qatar Airways) for the first time, I attended this webinar and I gained new experience which I can definitely use not only at the airlines interviews. Thank you guys for all the things you do and the way you do it. Keep going!

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Larissa Gonçalves

It was my first webinar and I must say that I really loved it. Really. So happy with the content. I'm looking forward to participating in an Open Day and Final Interview webinar. Pleaseeee, do it soon hahah For me, the best best part was the examples, like the video, and the group exercises. When she is explaining, it's great, but when you see the hypothecal situation, you can understand better the "do" and the "don't" that she previously talked about, and then, it's easier for you too put yourself in the situation.

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Sergio Sacco

I loved everything about this experience. Starting with the assistance given prior to the webinar. The webinar itself was outstanding. You all really went the extra mile: Mirna answered all our questions, even if the time was up. She kept checking to see if what she was explaining was understood. Mirna even did an unexpected live group exercise with us. Orlando and Monika were very professional, answering questions during the webinar and making sure the quality of the slides and audio were excellent. I would really like to attend all of your upcoming webinars

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Angad Paul

I think these webinar sessions are very fruitful and informative, you can get a lot of out of it! When I was told that these webinars have an actual recruiter from Emirates presenting, giving you all the insiders tips and tricks I just couldn't believe it, I mean where else would you find information from someone whose "actually been there and done that?!!!" Thank you so much Orlando & Monika, you get my green signal for continuing on with your services for future "wannabees'".

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Jessica Silva

The webinar was really helpful to clarify some points of the Assessment Day. Many of the subjects mentioned in the presentation can be found in other files or videos, but it is totally different to learn from the perspective of a recruiter. The dynamics and format of the presentation were incredible, I loved the examples and the opportunity to simulate exercises and have feedback from Mirna. I definitely intend to participate in the next sessions and I know that this will help me feel more prepared for my next opportunity with EK.

Final Interview Webinar Attendant

by Edson Rocha

The seminars have been very helpful! The knowledge of the three of you is incredible! Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge with us!

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Ravi Kumar

I really enjoyed the webinar where I have come to know about my weaknesses along with the solutions. this will help me to improve my skills and increase the chances to be selected on the assessment day.

Final Interview Webinar Attendant

by Enzo Gabriel

I simply can't fault any aspect of this webinar. The topics, timing, speed, explanation of each topic is spot on. I have learnt a lot from this webinar and can't wait for the next one. Thank you Wishcasting and Emirates Wannabees for this opportunity.

Final Interview Webinar Attendant

by Nataliia Lushkina

It was actually great and I want to thank you for what you are doing! There were some problems with the sound, but I have to admit that you did your best to fix it. So I'm pretty much satisfied with the webinar. Thanks! P.S. Is it possible to watch the discussion of group-tasks that you mentioned? I unfortunately missed it, but would be glad to learn more.

Assessment Day & Center Webinar Attendant

by Simone Colombani

It has been a really enjoyable experience. You could tell the recruiter knew what she was talking about. I totally recommend to everyone to attend one of this webinar it will give more understanding or what the recruiters are looking for and have more chances to get the job consequentially. It would be lovely if we had more time for role play :)

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